1987 Argos Catalogue Deep Dive!

1987 Argos Catalogue Deep Dive

The 1987 Argos catalogue is a time capsule of 80s culture, vintage toys, retro gaming, 1980s nostalgia and even nudity! Outstanding.

Flipping through all of the fantastic products and photography in this old Argos catalogue brings back loads of awesome memories and gives an interesting insight into life in the 1980s. We can’t wait to explore more 80s and 90s catalogues in future videos – coming soon! 

Brief history of the Argos Catalogue for those who aren’t from the UK or Ireland or were born yesterday (literally):
Relaxing with a cuppa tea and an Argos catalogue while circling things we were probably never gonna get was a favourite British pastime – especially for kids. In July 2020, the nation mourned when Argos stopped printing their much-loved shopping catalogue after 47 years, 93 editions and more than one billion copies. Dubbed the ‘Book of Dreams’ by Bill Bailey, it was the end of an era. It was more than an iconic book, it was rad and so we celebrate and pay homage to our favourite vintage years in That Was Rad’s retro Argos catalogue series.