New Micro Machines vs Old Micro Machines

New Micro Machines Vs Old Micro Machines

Here we go again with another 80s toy reboot for modern days. Micro Machines were an absolute favourite of mine while I was growing up. I loved cars in general and had quite a collection of Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Majorette etc die cast cars but Micro Machines were somehow way more bad ass. The tininess of them just made them all the more special while they maintained all the detail of bigger cars. They had wacky paint jobs, ones with working lights, ones the hid even smaller cars within them to name but a few variations. The creators at Galoob seemed to have an endless amount of creativity when it came to new ideas, something that the Book ‘Micro but Many’ by Tim Smith for Bitmap books sheds light on. Check out our review below.


When I heard that there was new Micro Machines for 2020 coming out I was pretty excited. I was less excited when I saw photos and videos from toy shows which showed bland looking play sets and a new Super Van City which looked awful compared to the old one but I had to pick up some cars to see for myself what they are like.

I picked up an Argos exclusive ‘Super 15 Collection’ and opened it up to compare the cars with the old ones that I knew and loved. You can stop reading and watch the video below if you want but I’ll summarise my feelings.

Not so micro

First off, the 2020 Micro Machines are bigger in scale than the originals. Why they chose to do this is beyond me. Micro Machines were at a certain scale of 1:125 (there were some slight deviations so the new ones look a bit off.


What the hell is a Paso Fino?

Secondly, The Original Micro Machines were all based on real cars which is part of what makes them special. The new ones bear a slight resemblance to actual cars but they use names like ‘Warlander’ (Ford F150?),  ‘Felis’ (Dodge Viper) and Paso Fino (Lamborghini something). Apart from being shit names it’s a massive shame that they couldn’t get the licensing for real cars.


Where's the detail?

The old cars had so much detail. The new cars lack things like vents and panel lines. The new cars have the bare minimum but nowhere near as much definition as the old. It could have something to do with them not being based on real cars and having to distance them for actual existing models. 

Positives though, they seem fairly well built, they roll along well and it’s nice to have Micro Machines back.

That’s all you are getting from me. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Old Micro Machines vs new
Old Micro Machines vs new
Old Micro Machines vs new