After a record year of working ridiculously hard and taking no time off whatsoever (the joys of being self-employed). Finally we had some time off in the first 2 weeks of January 2018 to take our long awaited trip to Tokyo.

Two flights and 12 ish (probably, it was a blur of drowsiness and discomfort) hours later we arrived, jet lagged but excited.

This was more of a holiday than a toy hunting trip so we didn’t go to crazy on the buying, just a healthy amount. We did visit some awesome places where you could easily spend a years salary in a day but a certain amount of restraint was exercised.

Argos Catalogue 1987

1987 Argos Catalogue Deep Dive!

1987 Argos Catalogue Deep Dive The 1987 Argos catalogue is a time capsule of 80s culture, vintage toys, retro gaming,

Micro Machines 2020

New Micro Machines vs Old Micro Machines

New Micro Machines Vs Old Micro Machines Here we go again with another 80s toy reboot for modern days. Micro

Vactory and the case of the missing parts​

Vactory and the case of the missing parts At the tail end of Stretch Armstrong’s career in the 90s, Cap