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Video of the week #3 China IL – Frank’s happy place

China IL has been around for 3 seasons and has now been cancelled by Adult Swim (we are notoriously and proudly behind the times at That was Rad) but it’s a show we kind of missed out on in the UK. It absolutely hilarious and drops the ‘F’ word in the funniest of places.

(stolen from Wikipedia) China IL takes place at the “Worst College in America”, located at the edge of town. The school’s poor reputation is celebrated by the school’s uncaring faculty and staff, constantly shown drinking while teaching and/or trying to avoid teaching altogether.

Get on the Google (other search engines are available) and check it out. All seasons are readily available on illegal and legal channels all over the interweb. But before you do that, watch this delightful video featuring a song about Frank’s happy place that will stay in your head for at least 3 months. Enjoy and sorry.

we’re pretty much terrible at posting stuff on our blog. Possibly because we’re working had doing other stuff, possibly because we watch too many cartoons. Either way we’re sorry and we admit we must try harder.

*Also, this probably isn’t suitable for anyone that is offended by blanked out ‘F’ bombs. You have been warned.*