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Vintage toy recycling – saving the planet!

Holy crap! I’ve just discovered that a Captain Planet spoof starring Don Cheadle exists…and it’s going to haunt me for life. Seriously!   Anyhoo, Captain Planet and his Planeteers got me thinking. One of the MANY things I love about working at thatwasrad.com is that it’s essentially a vintage toy recycling and reuniting service. We recycle and […]

that was rad - nintendo breakfast cereal

Childish Envy for Americas Breakfast Cereals

As a British child we were pretty limited in or choice of sugary breakfast delights. Frosties were always a firm favourite for me and I do remember having Lucky Charms over here for a little while. Americas kids were spoilt for choice though back in the golden age of breakfast cereal. These pics were shamelessly […]

that was rad - grizzlor

Masters of the Universe: Where are they now? Grizzlor

Masters of the Universe: Where Are They Now? Guest blogger: Grizzlor I’ve been compared to a bear, a manbearpig, a carpet and even a potato that’s rolled across a dirty floor. I am Grizzlor. To be honest, I’ve barely achieved an existence that exceeds insignificance since He-Man and She-Ra wrapped up in 1987. If you […]